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High Risk Payment Processing

There are quite a few situations in which the ability to accept customer credit cards through a wireless card swipe terminal or even a mobile device like a Palm or another personal data assistant (PDA) is exceptionally useful. Having a set-up like that can help you increase productivity and profits, and it can be the difference between making and losing a sale on the road. There are four main processing solutions and as many situations in which they are applicable.

Are you a High Risk Merchant?

If you attend smoke accessory trade shows, offer delivery services for your customers, participate in high risk business seminars, or sell ecigs, bongs, glass pipes, or other high risk smoking supply goods at fairs, shows, or flea markets, then being able to accept payments on the go is crucial to your success. While cash is great, it is not secure -- you don't want to lose a lump some of cash between earning it and traveling back to your office or bank. Checks, too, can be lost. They also take a long time to clear, which will either delay your ability to begin service for a client or potentially cost you money if you receive a bad check for merchandise that has already been given to the customer. Some individuals will also not be prepared to pay with cash or check even if you wanted to take those, so having a third option available is very important, even when you are on the road! Most Commmon High Risk Business Types:

The Options

There are several ways to process credit cards for high risk clients products and services without a dedicated phone line and sometimes even without a proper card swipe terminal or PIN pad.

For approximately $400, you can purchase a wireless machine through which customer cards can be swiped and payments made. These are useful in brick and mortar stores, since they can eliminate the need for a dedicated phone line and save the business money that way. They are also great for on-the-go processing. However, they are not the only option, if you would rather not transport something like a terminal when you make house calls or travel great distances.

Use the cell phone you already have. This is the most cost-effective solution, and many merchant banks have products that allow sales professionals to accept Visa, Master Card, and other popular forms of plastic by phone. We offer FREE Swipe Jacks for the iphone, ipad, and android platforms,

Bluetooth technology offers another solution for PDA or Palm users. If you have an existing personal data assistant device, or if you are planning to buy one to make it easier to check email, use the internet, and stay in touch while traveling, you may choose to spend about $125-150 on a bluetooth card swiper that will connect to your PDA and allow you to process transactions easily -- without carrying a large piece of equipment with you.

Virtual terminal software is another option for your mail order or high risk company. This requires you to have a laptop with a working wireless service. If you are already going to have your notebook computer with you on house calls or at trade shows or seminars, using a virtual terminal can be one of the easier ways to process payments without delaying until you return to your home office or store.

With so many solutions to choose from, any business can find one that will work for their current situation, products, or services. Contact a merchant service provider today to evaluate the best options for your company!

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