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The hotel industry businesses typically needs acceptance of credit cards as a way of reserving a customer's room and completing payment for his or her accomodations.  Though some smaller inns and bed & breakfast style lodges have managed to avoid accepting credit cards for some time, now even they are setting up so that their customers can conveniently pay by credit card.  As more and more people shy away from carrying and using cash, the ability to process credit and debit cards has become more important than ever for all businesses, especially those in the travel industry.

Motel merchant cc processing,including those for travel establishments, inns and bed and breakfast establishments, and other travel accomodations, are typically classified as high risk credit card processors.  These businesses initially accept credit cards over the phone and over the internet, which means that the cards cannot be swiped through a verification terminal.  The lack of a card swipe and signed receipt make the industry more prone to costly chargebacks from customers who must cancel their travel plans at the last minute.  Because chargebacks present a financial loss for a service, they generally classify these businesses as high risk.

Being classified as a high risk merchant is not the end of the world.   can still help a small businesses secure the best possible rates for credit card processing.  We can also help you to evaluate offshore credit card solutions and online for internet booking sites.  Travel accomodations can successfully use to locate the best solutions for their businesses, offering convenient options for their customers and profitable services for themselves.       Processor of credit cards for service. Our company can get your new or established business up and running card services at low transaction rates.

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